The Red Eye is about 70% done with our site redesign.

What we have finished

  • Site Design Concept
  • Content Management System
  • Coffee Order Placed

What we are working on

  • Site Design
  • Client Portal Integration
  • File Manager

What is missing

  • The Time to Work
    On Our Own Site.
  • That is all.

The Red Eye is a boutique design firm based in Montreal, catering to like-minded companies that require creative and technical excellence for their own external communication needs.

We offer the ability to maintain consistency in your business' brand by creating contemporary, sophisticated design for almost any medium.

From developing an entire corporate identity - logo, business cards, letterhead and fax slips - to building a content-managed website using the same corporate branding, The Red Eye can cater to your needs.

Design is about context. Take away a design's purpose and it becomes art.

We seek to create stylish, eye-catching work informed by how your products need to be perceived in the marketplace. Your customers are our context. Our skills are your secret weapon. Please feel free to get in touch!

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Montreal, QC


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